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High quality protein and CBD to aid full body recovery post-workout.

ProCBD Protein & Hemp Powder

Protein Powder


Protein powder never tasted so good! Derived from hemp seed oil, this post-workout blend has been designed to digest slowly over a sustained period of time, supplying your muscles with essential amino acids to facilitate growth and muscle maintenance. Two scoops to be mixed with 250-500ml or milk or water. Can be consumed daily.

Stock RED Liquids
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    Full body recovery

    ProCBD Protein & Hemp Powder


    ProCBD Protein & Hemp Powder


    Key Information


    • Protein Blend & Micellar Casein
    • Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder
    • Natural Flavourings
    • L-Theanine
    • Sweetener (Sucralose)
    • AstraGin
    • ProCBD Isolate
    • DigeZyme
    • Salt
    • Lactospore

    Basic Information

    • Cannabidiol: 30MG per serving
    • Size(s): 750g
    • Flavours: 2 (Chocolate, Vanilla)
    • Manufactured in the UK

    Full Flavour List

    Flavour Type Description Strength(s) Suitable for
    Blackjack Sweet Aniseed, Menthol 0mg Sub-Ohm and Drippers
    King of Clubs Sweet Parma Violets 0mg Sub-Ohm and Drippers
    Queen of Hearts Sweet Cherry Drops 0mg Sub-Ohm and Drippers
    Ten of Diamonds Sweet Strawberry Laces 0mg Sub-Ohm and Drippers
    Joker Sweet Sherbet Lemon 0mg Sub-Ohm and Drippers
    Ace of Spades Nicotine Nicotine 18mg Nicotine Shot