We’re very proud to introduce our new Red Salts collection to the vape market, which promises a richer, more flavourful vaping experience with a salt nicotine flavour selection that really packs a punch!

After months of painstaking trial and error, our leading mixologists have done it again - creating a range which we guarantee would make even the most loyal tobacco smoker turn their head!

That’s because this range was in fact created with tobacco smokers in mind; it offers the familiar kick in the back of the throat, making it especially attractive to those who have chosen to vape as an alternative to smoking, or as a way of giving up altogether.

Following recent studies centred around the effects of tobacco smoking versus vaping by Public Health England (PHE), where cotton wool balls sat in bell jars were filled with vapour from e-cigarettes and tobacco smoke respectively, consumers were able to better visualise the effects of both smoking and vaping on the lungs.

And the results were staggering.

It was plain to see the effects that tobacco smoke has on a smoker’s lungs compared to vapour. The tobacco smoke left the cotton wool brown and sticky with tar, whereas, in contrast, the cotton wool balls in the vapour jar were left white with just a little condensation on the inner side of the jar.

We understand that usually when smokers have been addicted to smoking cigarettes for a number of years, they enjoy the throat sensation it gives them and find it difficult to find an alternative which considers this.

We’ve spoken with many smokers and they all have a similar story to tell – yes, it’s a habit, but they want to give up or find an alternative which is cost effective and, more importantly, allows them to find a similar enjoyment and feeling to smoking.

Our new 50/50 Red Liquids Salts range does just that - giving a smooth, concentrated nicotine hit that produces very discreet vape clouds. It’s a relatively new style of liquids best suited to ex-smokers and those seeking an alternative to eventually quit and has the same mouth to lung inhalation (MTL) method as smoking does.

We’ve brought three of our most popular Red Liquids flavours to this new range including The Blue One, The Red One and the Blackcurrant and Lemonade combo, which contribute to a diverse and delicious collection which is available with 20mg of nicotine, in 10ml bottles.

Want to get your hands on these new flavours?

We’re taking our Salts range along with our other award-winning lines, such as 21 Vape, The Classics and our new nostalgic Slush collection on tour this year!

If you’re following us on social media, you’ll have already seen that we’ve created a storm in Bahrain in January at the Middle East Vape Show and earlier this month at the PureVape expo in Munich where we met leading distributors and enthusiastic consumers all wanting to learn more about the Red Liquids ranges.

Where next? We’re at the VapeEXPro in Sofia, Bulgaria on 6-7th April and have many more shows to come! Keep posted on our social channels or subscribe to receive all the latest product and business news, or to find out how quickly you could be stocking the Salts range visit our newly relaunched website www.redliquids.com.

Don’t forget that if you’re a consumer, you can buy Red Salts direct from www.redboxvape.com.