It’s been great to be back in our homeland for a short time, attending the likes of Vape Jam (what an impromptu stop that was) and this weekend’s Vaper Expo. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as in just a couple of weeks’ time we’ll be jetting off once again to our next international vape show.

We’ve now got that many vape events lined up for 2019, it’s beginning to look like a bit of an addiction. Though we’re ok with that! In fact, what started off as a handful of exhibitions at the beginning of this year has since evolved into no less than 14 shows (and counting).

We’re certainly racking up the air miles, there’s no doubt about it.

And sure, it’s not difficult to understand the draw of these events. They’re big, bold and the complete antithesis of your average suit-clad, formal conference affair. Not that we mind those either, so long as we can bring the fun factor! But at the heart of why we love these action-packed expos is this: we’re so passionate about our products, we simply want to shout about them from the rooftops. To basically anyone and everyone - and what better places to do so?

Though before we start getting emotional – we’ll tell you from which balcony we’ll be shouting from next…

First up, it’s the home of the most authentic pizza’s you could ever wish to salivate over – Italy!

Between the 18th – 20th of May, we’ll be headed to the beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet’s Verona to their prestigious VapItaly show, as it returns for its fifth year.

For three whole days, visitors can immerse themselves in all of the novelties of the vaping world.

Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, this is the perfect place for creating new partnerships, participating in specialised workshops and to get the latest updates from this ever-changing industry.

It’s going to be jam-packed.

Then following VapItaly (and after copious amounts of pizza), it’s a quick pit stop back in Blighty and then on to arguably one of the best destinations for coffee – Columbia. Yes, we like our food and drink at Red Liquids!

On the 25th and 26th of May, we’ll be showcasing our incredible e-liquid ranges at Vape South America in Medellin, which will be opening its doors to over 10,000 consumers, 2,000 wholesale buyers and 100+ exhibitors.

The third of its kind and even bigger and better than its preceding years, get this in your diary for a chance to be wowed by cloud and trick competitions, raffles, giveaways and fantastic live entertainment.

If that doesn’t sell it to you – we’re not sure what will!

Be sure to book your tickets for these two incredible events here for VapItaly and here for Vape South America and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@red_liquids) and the gorgeous Red Liquid Girls (@redliquidgirls) for further updates as we count down.

We’ll have giveaway competitions, freebies, more e-liquids than you can shake a stick at, taste testing, entertainment, numerous photo opportunities and, ultimately, the chance to become a part of the Red Liquids family.

Speaking of which – if you’d like to book a meeting with us at either of the expo’s to discuss our wholesale opportunities, head here and our friendly team will get back to you in a jiffy to confirm an appointment.

See you again soon!