Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is much more widely referred to, has been frequently discussed and praised for its pain-relieving perks and relaxing effects. However, in recent times, it’s also been taking the world of sports nutrition by storm!

We’ve all been told that a good ice bath, some Epsom salts, taping up and a rest day are great ways to allow your muscles and body to recover from a tough workout or training.

Once, to even utter the word ‘cannabis’ was hugely frowned upon, never mind in the context of sports recovery. Though that stigma is long gone, with CBD now proving to be hugely popular amongst both athletes and leading sports health specialists.

Whether you are a professional athlete at competition level, a regular gym goer or an adrenaline junkie, recovery plays an important role in your routine - ensuring you get the very best out of your next workout and, more importantly, avoiding injury.

The ProCBD products from Applied Nutrition were developed specifically with active individuals in mind, as the ultimate in joint support, sleep support, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety. Fitting in to even the busiest of lifestyles - the range comprises of protein powders, recovery gels, capsules and drops, which are all proving to be a really popular addition to the many supplements now available on the market to athletes for recovery.

A trend that’s skyrocketing

CBD has gained popularity recently through the many research studies and evolving scientific experiments, which have time and again proven its medicinal and healing potential. Many physiotherapists have even been lauding CBD for a while now, using the topical oils for therapy sessions with their patients.

Top level athletes are also getting involved. After winning a fight in the notoriously brutal UFC ring, Nate Diaz conducted his post-fight interview whilst vaping CBD, live on TV. In interviews, he has many times stated that CBD oil helps him to relieve pain, heal injuries and concentrate more.

A fun fact - CBD is produced by the trichome glands of the cannabis plant. The cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, due to the absence of THC, and offers users a more relaxed and calm effect, also perfect for those who suffer greatly from anxiety and stress.

Using only the very best ingredients, the ProCBD range of products have been developed by leading technicians, created in line with the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidance, thus, it meets a strict set of ‘safety, quality and efficiency standards.’

If you’re wanting to know what all of the fuss is about, you can now get your hands on ProCBD from our Red Box Vape shops in both Nottingham and Manchester, where our friendly teams can talk you through the different products.

And you can’t go wrong whichever product you choose. Just breathe, recover and as Frankie says, relax!