Ok, we’ve been poker-faced for long enough.

It’s about time we told you what we’ve been busily working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months…

So, without further ado, may we introduce our new, showstopping casino-themed juice range - 21 Vape!

How it began

Prompted by the feedback of our loyal vape fans, our NPD gurus set to work to create a unique range of e-liquids that not only differentiated from our popular, yet more corporately styled Red Liquids Classics range, but also combined current trends with the lively spirit of the vaping world.

With an emphasis on sweetness, the 21 Vape line in fact took off from its first flavour – Blackjack – a tasty blend of aniseed and menthol, reminiscent of the Blackjack confectionary themselves. From there, the team ran with that idea (at full speed!) and the casino-themed/Day of the Dead design was born.

Whilst the look and feel of the range began to take shape at the hands of our awesome artworkers, back in Manchester we put our mixology experts to the test to come up with four more tempting flavours that would both fall in line with the exciting new theme, as well as recreate the classic sweet shop flavours of many a misspent youth.

Following a seriously involved testing phase, with blends selected from a huge array of flavour concentrates, the perfect combinations have also now gone into development for Sherbet Lemon, Cherry Drops, Strawberry Laces and, last but not least, Parma Violets. A mouth-watering line up if ever there was one.

Coming to a show near you!

At Red Liquids, we like to do things on a pretty grand scale. Which is why, with our Blackjack flavour pretty much still hot off the production line, we’re delighted to be showcasing both the shortfill and its partnering nic shot for the first time at this month’s Vaper Expo in Birmingham!

What’s more, you can be one of the first to try it, with a chance to claim one of hundreds of free shortfills from our stand. Simply roll up to our Blackjack table and if you
beat the dealer, then the juice is all yours.

Look out for the huge red telephone box over the course of the weekend and don’t forget to sharpen up on your card skills beforehand. Our croupier knows her stuff!

The countdown begins

So, if you drooled a little at the very idea of the new 21 Vape flavours, you’ll be pretty chuffed to know that just a mere two weeks following the Vaper Expo, you’ll be able to get your hands ont he Blackjack blend both online and in our Red Box Vape stores whenever you like. And trust us, it will be hard to stop at just one.

To say that this sweet liquid is a perfect all-day vape is an understatement, and it’s ideal for those who are already lovers of the high VG juices. Though, if we’ve not convinced you, take a look at what some of our Red Liquids fans have to say:

· Aniseed and Menthol. Awesome refreshing e-juice, unbelievable super strong aniseed with menthol in the background. I love it. Thank you very much @red_liquids for this
fabulous e-juice. (@tayylorbliss)

· Loving this @red_liquids Blackjack flavour! It’s got a hint of aniseed and menthol, making it a really strong tasty vape! (@queenofvapes91)

· If you like aniseed menthol, you definitely need try Blackjack from @red_liquids. (@federicadavide89)

· 21 vape by @red_liquids is amazing!!! (@vape_shoots)

· So, who’s for some Blackjack? #vapefam if you like a nice Aniseed, Menthol vape then look no further than @red_liquids. Check them out guys, I was blown away by the flavour!!! (@michelle_anne_81)

· Black Jack by @red_liquids. A tasty Aniseed and Menthol e-juice which will have your taste buds buzzing! (@vapehard_or_go_ohm)

Follow us on social to keep posted on the latest and hold tight for the rest of the 21Vape range, launching in January 2019.

We know you’re going to love the flavours. After all, developing e-liquids is certainly our strong suit!